Why Gameful Learning

From the moment they are born, children learn through play and experimentation. However, when they start school they are expected to trust, learn and apply rules and facts that other people teach them. Gameful learning places players back in the driving seat, allowing them to progress at their own pace and discover information and rules by themselves.

Subjects such as Math and Science are very important in our day to day lives: they foster strategic and critical thinking while Games unleash creativity and teach their players how to question and not take everything for granted.

Let's teach our children how to rise to the challenge of mastering Math and Science through the power of games. Let's show our children that Math and Science can be loved.

How do we help?

Our software encourages players to progress at their own pace learn from their mistakes and gain the satisfaction of figuring things out on their own. This approach provides the intrinsic motivation to improve and accumulate more knowledge.

With the help of technology, boring subjects such as Math and Science have equal capabilities of engaging kids, the same way that games do. Technology helps us provide real time feedback to players and allows them to discover all the rules of Math and Science by themselves rather than spoon-feeding them information.

We believe that Gameful Learning shouldn't be about "sugar-coating broccoli", it should be about trust and respect. We don't try to trick players into learning by using games. Our products are first of all about Math and Science... which are tough, but we trust our players to figure them out.


Numerosity includes all the things that helped us succeed and even love math:

  • Positive reinforcement.
  • Levels that allow the player to build on their previous success.
  • Recognizing math is a game challenging the player with increasingly difficult puzzles.
  • Friendly competition.
  • Realizing “I can do this!” by starting from simple concepts and gradually building up.

We’ve removed all the negative barriers to math success:

  • Our software is “patient” and moves at the right speed for each individual player.
  • We don’t teach to a test.
  • We encourage experimentation and exploration.


ThoughtBox is based on the very simple notion of letting your imagination run wild with a cardboard box. Something as boring as a cardboard box, in the hands of a child could be a playhouse, a defendable fort, an evil robot or a ship sailing the seven seas.

At ThoughtBox we believe that learning can be fun with the help of imagination and creativity. We aim to inspire children to achieve their true potential by unleashing their curiosity and challenging them to question the world and its rules.

We believe in empowering children to take learning into their own hands and be in charge of their achievements.

We are passionate about education and we love to have fun while learning.


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